Workshop: Understanding tokenization and host card emulation

Join NFC World and mobile payments specialist Bell ID for an online workshop that will explain how tokenization works and how it can help you better secure mobile payment services.

This online event took place on Tuesday 17 February 2015. You can watch the webinar by pressing the “play webcast” button in the window below.

What does this webinar cover?

We take you through an introduction to tokenization, explaining what it is, how it works, and the different types of token in use. Then we take you on a step-by-step walkthrough of the payment process, illustrating with case studies of live systems. After that, we round out with a look at the role of the token service provider and at uses of tokenization in areas outside and beyond mobile payments.

This free to view 60-minute webinar offers a unique opportunity to learn from a practitioner with real-world experience of mobile payments, tokenization and HCE.

This workshop is of benefit to executives working in banks, card issuers, retailers, telecom networks, providers of secure mobile services, and more — anyone, in fact, who would like to learn more about how tokenization is set to change the face of mobile payments.

About our sponsor

Bell ID develops software to provision and manage the lifecycle of user credentials on mobile NFC devices. Through host card emulation (HCE), banks, telecom operators and service providers can take direct control over their customer portfolio by using Bell ID software to perform tasks previously associated with a trusted service manager.

Your presenter

David Worthington, Bell ID

Bell ID's David WorthingtonDavid is Bell ID’s principal consultant for payment and chip technology, where he advises the company and its major clients on strategic opportunities in the application of new payments, mobile and chip technologies. With over 20 years in the smart card, certification authority and payments industries, David brings with him significant experience from previous roles at HSBC, NatWest, Mondex International/MasterCard and Keycorp.

Presented by NFC World in association with

Bell ID

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