ST25TV product presentation

Sample page: ST25TV product presentationThis 27-page slide presentation looks in detail at the features, capabilities and anticipated use cases of STMicroelectronics’ new family of Type 5 NFC tag chips.

The ST25TV chips can be read by both NFC phones and commercial RFID readers and incorporate tamper detection, anti-cloning, data protection and user privacy features.

This presentation details the chips’ features, use cases and specifications. Potential uses mentioned include brand protection, anti counterfeiting, product traceability and tracking in the supply chain, NFC toys, access control and production — where the tags can be used for ‘in the box’ personalisation due to their long range.

The paper also outlines how memory and data protection is achieved, how the built in tamper detection system works, as well as information on the chips’ non-reversible ‘kill mode’ and ‘untraceable mode’.

A section on digital signature creation and verification follows, along with details of RF characteristics and packaging options.

‘ST25TV product presentation’ has been produced by STMicroelectronics and approved by the NFC World editorial team.

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