The Mobile Wallet Report, 16 August 2013

The Mobile Wallet Report, 16 August 2013In this edition of The Mobile Wallet Report we look at the Samsung mobile wallet’s arrival in US Google Play store; why Yankee Group say mobile wallets are “not robust enough to command mass-market adoption”; who remains by far the most widely used mobile payments service among US iPhone users; and more…

Organisations mentioned include AzeriCard, BIA/Kelsey, Banco de Previsión Social,, CloudZync, Desjardins, Dirección General Impositiva, eBay,, Facebook, Fidelity Labs, Gartner, Groupon,, ING International, LevelUp, Lufthansa, Major League Baseball, Mercator Advisory Group, Microsoft, Onavo Insights, Pantech, PayPal, Pew Research Center, Sainsbury’s, Samsung, Seamless, Square, Starbucks, Streamline, Venmo, Walgreens and Yankee Group.

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