Meet the Okey — The key to a new generation of NFC business opportunities

Okey — Making life easierThis 25-page presentation introduces the Okey, an innovative “universal digital key” which combines NFC reader capabilities, contactless card emulation, user authentication and Bluetooth pairing in a single, compact, 38mm fob.

The Okey’s support for such a broad range of functions makes it possible to use it in a wide variety of use cases, from payments to access control, transit ticketing, loyalty rewards and more.

Its unique, standalone format also opens up the potential to develop new business models and revenue streams for companies issuing an Okey device to their customers.

Okey is just 38mm square

This presentation lays out the capabilities of the Okey and details how it can be used to store up to 20 different cards, to enable ID authentication and login and to replace a wide variety of loyalty, transportation ticketing, access control and payment cards. The integrated NFC reader even allows it to be used as a mobile point-of-sale device.

You’ll find out how Okey can be used for speedy hotel booking, check-in and room entry; how it can be used as a Bluetooth USB key or a mobile POS device (it’s attained EMV/QPBOC Level 1 and Level 2 certification); and how it can support authentication using FIDO, IFAA and TUSI protocols.

You’ll also find out more about Okey Co, the Chinese high-tech company behind the Okey, and details of its industry affiliations, certifications and awards.

This presentation has been produced and sponsored by Okey Co and approved by the NFC World editorial team.

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