Scan and go: How mobile wallets are transforming retail

RambusThis 11-page white paper makes the case for implementing mobile scan-and-go technology in store as the retail sector faces increasing pressure to build revenues and find operational efficiencies.

Mobile scan-and-go enables consumers to scan their purchases with their smartphone as they shop, and then pay in-aisle with an in-app purchase. Adopting this technology offers many advantages and benefits to both the retailer and customer, the paper asserts.

‘Scan and Go: How Mobile Wallets are Transforming Retail’ consists of three key sections addressing:

  • Boosting average revenue per user (ARPU) and loyalty, including improving in-store productivity, increasing average spend per visit, and real-time redemption and split payments.
  • Enhancing the shopping experience, including eliminating checkout lines and being able to redeploy staff from the checkouts to become in-store concierges.
  • Optimizing operational efficiencies, including issues around revenue protection, managing cost per transaction and reduced infrastructure costs.

The paper also cites extensive statistics and sources in support of its arguments and is an essential read for forward-looking retailers and payments service providers looking to improve the experience they offer customers.

Scan and Go: How Mobile Wallets are Transforming Retail has been produced and sponsored by Rambus and approved by the NFC World editorial team.

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