Enabling the future of wearables: Making payments a seamless experience

FidesmoFashion brands that want to offer wearable devices that include payments capabilities need solutions that are pre-certified, inexpensive and easy to implement, wearables platform provider Fidesmo explains in this nine-page white paper.

Flexible solutions that offer the wearer the ability to quickly and easily add their choice of payment, transit, loyalty and identity cards throughout the lifetime of their watch or fashion accessory are also of key importance, Fidesmo adds.

This white paper begins by setting out the difficulties fashion brands face when seeking to add payments capabilities to smart watches, jewellery and other wearable devices.

It then explains the limitations of current approaches that typically require the wearer to set up a separate, prepaid account in order to make payments with their new wearable.

The paper then sets out how fashion brands can use innovative platforms like that offered by Fidesmo to quickly and easily include leading-edge contactless service capabilities in their devices — without the need to have in-house technical expertise or go through expensive compliance and lengthy certification processes.

“Fidesmo’s vision is that consumers should be able to pay with and have all their tickets, keys and loyalty cards on the device of their choice, whether it is a card, a smartwatch, a ring or a bracelet,” the white paper concludes. “Our platform is brand agnostic and offers a simple way for device manufacturers to build smartness into their products that connects to existing infrastructure.”

This nine-page white paper has been produced and sponsored by Fidesmo and forms part of NFC World’s What’s New in Payments report.

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