Mobile Wallet Outlook, May/June 2013

Mobile Wallet Outlook, May/June 2013In this 17-page edition of The Mobile Wallet Report we cover: Google takes its wallet to the cloud; PayPal hits 250,000 stores, invests in merchant upgrades; Alternatives to both NFC and QR begin to gain traction; and more…

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  • Google takes its wallet to the cloud: The high profile head of Google Wallet is out and a new cloud-based strategy is taking shape that could get around the blocks carriers put on the NFC-based first version of Google Wallet. See page 2.
  • PayPal hits 250,000 stores, invests in merchant upgrades: The first fruits of PayPal’s August 2012 deal with Discover are now appearing. The partners are on track for two million merchants by the year end and a new “Cash for Registers” program is set to bring in large numbers of independent retailers too. See page 7.
  • Alternatives to both NFC and QR begin to gain traction: Alipay, China’s equivalent of PayPal, is backing sound-based mobile payments, Microsoft has a sound solution in the works and the technology is gaining traction in Africa. Google has announced plans to support Bluetooth LE on Android devices and global barcode standards organisation GS1 is working with the Open Mobile Alliance to standardize mobile barcode reading. When it comes to closing the online-offline divide, the question of which technologies will win out is still far from decided. See page 12.

Organisations mentioned include Abercrombie & Fitch, Accelitec, Afrimarket, Airbnb, Alaska Airlines, Alipay, Apple, BJs Restaurants, Belly, BillGuard, BlackBerry, Blackhawk, Bluetooth SIG,, Braintree, Discover, Erply, Expedia, Fancy, First American Payments, First Data, Foot Locker, Freshbooks, Global Payments, GoPago, Google, Groupon, Heartland Payment Systems, Hollister, Home Depot, JC Penney, Leaf, Leapset, Loyalty Lab, MCX, Marriott, Microsoft, NCR, NFC Forum, NXP, Nokia, Nordstrom, PayPal, Paytronix, Pebble, Priceline, ProfitPoint, Red Mango, RetailMeNot, RueLaLa, Samsung, Shopify, Shopkeep, Sony, Square, TabbedOut, Tagattitude, TapBase, The Body Shop, Toys R Us, Tsys, Uber, Urban Airship, Vantiv, Vend, Vibes, Walmart, WorldPay and Wrapp.

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