HCE & Tokenization: Perspectives on security for NFC mobile payments

HCE & Tokenization: Perspectives on Security for NFC mobile paymentsThis five-page white paper from Antelop Solutions makes the case for putting security at the heart of HCE solutions and provides insight into the key security issues facing NFC mobile payment providers.

It begins by outlining the current situation with regard to HCE, NFC payments and cloud-based security, and identifying the need for issuers to address security and compliance concerns. Listing the main potential attacks on HCE mobile apps, it then details the most recent security requirements published by EMVCo in relation to asset protection, mobile app protection, authentication, cryptography, design and development.

The paper continues by explaining the role of tokenization and token service providers in securing HCE mobile payments, before setting out reasons for taking a comprehensive approach to HCE security at the SDK, payment app and back-end levels.

This white paper has been produced and sponsored by Antelop Solutions and forms part of NFC World’s What’s New in Payments report.

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This item is part of What's New in Payments.