Quick guide to how tokenization secures mobile payments

Rambus - Quick Guide to TokenizationThis nine-page Quick Guide to Tokenization from Rambus provides an overview of the emergence of tokenization technology as a method for securing mobile payments.

The guide is designed for those new to tokenization and those working in related areas who would like to understand the key concepts quickly.

It explains what banks and service providers need to know about this “transformative technology”, beginning with a definition of tokenization itself.

The guide goes on to outline the six-step life cycle of a token in a typical mobile payment, how the technology fits into the payment processing chain and why it secures this process.

It goes on to define key terms, such as token and token vault, and gives a detailed description of the role and benefits of the token service provider.

This guide has been produced and sponsored by Rambus and has been approved by the NFC World editorial team.

How to access this report

This nine-page document is available free of charge to NFC World Knowledge Centre members (PDF format, 8.9MB).

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