Case studies demonstrate how ‘contactless wave is changing everyday life’

Gemalto white paper - the global contactless waveThis 15-page white paper from Gemalto brings together a range of case studies from around the world showing how contactless technology is providing payments, transport and added-value solutions in retail and major event settings.

The document shows how Londoners can now use any contactless EMV bank card to pay for transport within the UK capital, thanks to a joint initiative from banks and Transport for London.

It goes on to highlight how the fashionable, wearable PayBand became a success with young, tech-savvy Cypriots after its launch by Hellenic Bank in June 2016.

Meanwhile, a collaboration between sponsors Visa Europe and Gemalto saw the audience at the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest final in Stockholm make payments, access fast-track queuing and vote for their favourite acts with contactless wristbands.

And to finish off the Olympic year, the white paper sets out why the Rio 2016 Games were an ideal time to pilot contactless technology in stickers, wristbands and rings.

This white paper has been produced and sponsored by Gemalto and has been approved by the NFC World editorial team.

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