Targeted advertising leads to surge in sales and Apple Pay use

USAT Targeted Advertising leads to Apple Pay surge white paperThis four-page white paper from USA Technologies (USAT) reveals the results of a six-month study testing targeted point-of-sale advertising of Apple Pay at unattended vending machines and how that translated into increased overall sales, transactions and mobile payment usage.

Influencing consumer spending habits at the point of sale has long been a coveted goal of marketers, advertisers and merchants alike, the authors say.

The USAT Test and Learn study measured the impact of targeted digital advertising screens on consumers’ use of mobile wallets – primarily Apple Pay – across 35 vending machines located in New York and Louisiana over a six-month period from March to August 2016.

The results show that targeted, interactive digital advertising combined with a call to action for using specific contactless payment methods in the self-serve retail industry can increase total sales and remind customers who aren’t carrying cash or a credit card that they can make a purchase with their iPhone.

The USAT initiative also finds that when consumers are asked to pay with their phones, they’re more likely to make additional purchases, regardless of how they ultimately pay for their items.

This white paper has been produced and sponsored by USAT and has been approved by the NFC World editorial team.

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