Role of MNOs in electronic ID within Europe’s eIDAS regulation

Gemalto role of MNOs in electronic ID within European eIDAS regulationThis four-page white paper explores digital identification, authentication and digital signatures within the framework of the European eIDAS regulation on electronic identification and trusted services for electronic transactions.

It provides an overview of the current state of the digital identity market, how initiatives from the European Union and the private sector are helping to ramp up the drive towards the deployment of digital identity solutions, and how the eIDAS regulations are affecting this.

The white paper looks at potential cross-border use cases for mobile network operators (MNOs) and how they can benefit, due to their unique position as eID and trust service providers.

It concludes by showing why MNOs can monetise these new services, enabling fast and easy cross-border digital solutions, focusing on those requiring high levels of assurance and security.

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