The NFC Market 2012

The NFC Market 2012This research report, published in January 2012, examined the current state of play in the international NFC market, the barriers to success and the opportunities for growth in the years ahead.

Promotional information published at the time sets the scene and tells the story:

From financial services to advertising, retailing to transportation, healthcare to local government and beyond, the arrival of NFC is set to fundamentally change the way in which businesses communicate with their customers and consumers manage their lives.

Mobile network operators, phone and device manufacturers, payments networks and service providers around the world are now committed to bringing NFC to market in 2012. But the road ahead is not clear and pitfalls lie in wait for the unwary.

The NFC Market 2012 is a new research report by Sarah Clark, editor of NFC World, that analyses the current state of play in the international NFC market, identifies the key drivers of NFC adoption and sets out the opportunities for growth as well as the barriers to success that remain to be overcome.

This report provides essential guidance to executives responsible for planning, implementing or supplying NFC services.

The NFC Market 2012 begins by explaining the critical factors for success that will need to be put in place for NFC to take off, the different types of strategy that mobile wallet providers can adopt and how the strategic decisions being taken by these providers will affect the success of the solutions they bring to market.

The report then examines the current state of play in the NFC market around the world, explaining which strategies are gaining most traction, what stage of development different potential mobile wallet services are at and where the next launches are most likely to take place.

The NFC Market 2012 then looks to the future of the NFC market, benchmarking the industry as a whole as well as individual players and vertical markets, against what needs to be achieved for NFC to succeed. It provides answers to key questions, including:

  • The state of play: The current status of the NFC market and the global trends in the market today.
  • Critical success factors: The factors that will affect the adoption of NFC and the strategies that are most likely to succeed.
  • The mobile wallet wars: The key players, the advantages and disadvantages of their strategies, the likely new entrants and the evolution of the market.
  • Adoption drivers: What merchants, banks, transportation operators, advertisers, marketers and other key potential service providers need to enable them to move ahead with NFC, and how well their requirements are currently being met.
  • Consumer attitudes to NFC: The issues that will affect consumer take-up of NFC services.
  • NFC technology trends: New products and services expected to arrive on the market and the impact they are likely to have.
  • The future of the market: The barriers to adoption that need to be addressed and the opportunities for growth in 2012 and beyond.

The NFC Market 2012 was published in 2012 and retailed at £997. The research report is provided here as a document of historical interest only.

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