The case for in-sourcing EMV: Issuing, processing and shaping your mobile payments destiny

Proxama EMVThis eight-page white paper sets out the advantages to card issuers of in-house EMV card processing and of taking an integrated approach to the issuance and processing of both physical and digital cards.

The paper begins by explaining the challenges posed to card issuers by the migration to the EMV standard and identifying the key issues arising from the use of outsourced or on-behalf-of (OBO) EMV solutions.

It then goes on to analyze the implications for card networks of different mobile payments models and to lay out the advantages of cloud-based services in relation to cost, control and security before making the business case for deploying an integrated in-house solution for both EMV card and cloud-based payments.

This paper has been produced and sponsored by Proxama and has been approved by the NFC World+ editorial team.

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