Webinar — Case study: Lessons learned from selecting and implementing a tokenization solution able to serve 200 banks

Join NFC World, Nets and Carta Worldwide to find out why the Danish payments services provider chose an in-house solution to deliver tokenization that can scale to serve its 200+ client banks — and how it went about selecting which technology to use.

This online event took place on Thursday 12 May 2016. You can watch the webinar by pressing the “play webcast” button in the window below.

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What does this webinar cover?

Adopting an in-house approach to tokenization can provide banks, processors and domestic payment networks with a range of benefits, including rapid plug-and-play deployment, quantified risk and security, pre-certification and a future-proof roadmap that allows maximum control and flexibility.

Nets has implemented the largest multi-bank token platform to be rolled out in Europe to date, enabling its clients across the Nordic region to deploy token-based secure mobile payments services to their customers.

The company evaluated a range of options before selecting Carta Worldwide’s Token Processing Appliance (TPA) to deliver the service to its clients. During this webinar, Hans Henrik Hoffmeyer, Nets’ SVP for mobile services, explains:

  • Why Nets chose to implement its own tokenization solution
  • The process the company went through to evaluate the available options
  • The reasons Nets selected the solution it eventually adopted
  • How the solution will enable Nets to support its bank customers and further develop mobile payments in the Nordic region
  • The lessons Nets has learned, and the key takeaways from the project
  • Why Nets believes the ultimate decision on which payment solution will “win” at the point of sale lies with the merchant and the consumer — and how this solution will help the company support its clients regardless of the outcome

This hour-long webinar provides a unique opportunity to learn from a speaker with real world experience of selecting and implementing a tokenization solution.

The webinar begins with a short presentation from Giles Sutherland, VP of strategic alliances at Carta Worldwide, who introduces Nets and the partnership the two companies have created. Hans Henrik Hoffmeyer delivers the main presentation, and Elizabeth “Buffy” Duke, Carta’s VP of business development, summarises what other financial institutions can take away from the deployment.

The webinar is chaired by NFC World’s editor, Sarah Clark, and there is an extensive Q&A session at the end.

Who should attend?

Watching this webinar will be of benefit to banks, card issuers, payments processors, payments networks and more — anyone, in fact, who is impacted by the arrival of tokenization and would like to learn more about the advantages and challenges involved in implementing an in-house tokenization solution.

Your speakers

Hans Henrik Hoffmeyer, Nets

Nets' Hans Henrik HoffmeyerHans Henrik Hoffmeyer is a senior vice president at payment services provider Nets, where he has overall responsibility for mobile services.

With a background in information technology, corporate finance and accounting, Hans Henrik joined Nets in 2015 and has previously held positions at Oracle, IBM and in a number of mobile companies and start-ups. Hans Henrik has an MBA in global e-management from Copenhagen Business School.

Giles Sutherland, Carta Worldwide

Carta Worldwide's Giles SutherlandGiles Sutherland is vice president for strategic alliances at Carta, where he leads a team developing and executing business strategies to drive partnerships, commercialize products, and monetize technology platforms.

With a background in financial analysis, enterprise software solutions and market development, Giles has played an active role in driving Carta’s market growth since its early days. Giles holds a bachelor of commerce degree in finance from McGill University.

Elizabeth “Buffy” Duke, Carta Worldwide

Carta Worldwide's Buffy DukeElizabeth Duke — known throughout the industry as Buffy — leads the business development team at Carta. Buffy is a former MasterCard EVP and a globally respected expert in mobile payments and mobile wallets with direct involvement in ground-breaking projects in Singapore, New Zealand, Australia, Canada, US and Latin America.

Over her 25-year career Buffy has also held senior positions at C-SAM and Network for Electronic Transfers Singapore, building a wealth of expertise in project delivery, ecommerce issues and solutions, mobile and NFC payments, cross-border transactions, card program development and business acquisition.

About our sponsor

Carta Worldwide is an award-winning leader in digital transaction processing and enablement technologies. Carta empowers banks, MNOs, OEMs, merchants and others to enable existing cardholder accounts or issue new financial products for proximity and cloud-based transactions quickly and easily.

Carta’s platform delivers fastest time to market and lowest total cost of ownership by combining end-to-end issuance, processing and enablement for digital accounts, including tokenization, digital credential management and provisioning.


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Carta Worldwide

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