Contactless business: The state of play

Contactless state of playThis 22-page white paper from Gemalto presents the findings of research into the adoption of contactless technology by businesses across the UK, Germany and Spain. It also examines attitudes towards this technology and how businesses plan to develop its use in future.

The paper is based on a survey of 240 key decision-makers and presents its findings in 17 graphs and charts. It also includes case studies of contactless payment trials at a UK rugby club and on the Madrid public transport network.

The paper begins by comparing the uptake of contactless technology in the UK, Germany and Spain and across different business sectors, including banking, transport and retail. It then outlines business expectations for the future adoption and development of contactless payments.

The paper continues by setting out the key benefits that decision-makers see as driving greater investment in contactless technology as well as the barriers to adoption that they most commonly identify. It concludes by making a series of recommendations based on the findings of the research for businesses looking to deploy contactless payments.

This paper has been produced and sponsored by Gemalto and has been approved by the NFC World+ editorial team.

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