Test considerations for NFC-enabled devices in manufacturing: Why it is important and how to perform effective tests

LitePoint white paperThis 12-page white paper produced by LitePoint provides an explanation of the benefits of NFC performance testing and how device manufacturers can implement effective verification tests that ensure their NFC products work as intended.

“Manufacturers of NFC products are entering a critical period in the technology’s market growth,” the company says. “While momentum is building, the technology’s ability to sustain this momentum and achieve ongoing mainstream usage depends on its ability to consistently deliver a successful customer experience.

“Thus far, the lack of NFC applications and consumer awareness has minimized its uptake and, as a result, the industry probably does not fully understand if the devices in the field actually work as well as they should.”

The paper provides an in-depth look at NFC in its different operation modes, explains the limitations of the common production test methods to verify NFC operation and concludes by presenting the LitePoint NFC testing solution, a system aimed at helping manufacturers to achieve their NFC performance goals.

This paper has been produced and sponsored by LitePoint and has been approved by the NFC World+ editorial team.

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