The power of choice: From standard NFC to secure solutions

HID Global white paperThis 12-page white paper produced by HID Global provides an introduction to NFC and the use cases for the technology that go beyond the mobile payments arena.

The paper describes the technology’s operation modes including card emulation, reader/writer and peer-to-peer and explores the role of the secure element. It also provides an overview of NFC tags, including the five tag types standardised by the NFC Forum and HID Global’s own Trusted Tag, which can generate a cryptographic authentication code every time the tag is tapped and then appends the code to the URL read from the tag.

The paper also provides case studies of five NFC projects that are in use by HID Global’s customers around the world including a harvest logistics service, proof of presence monitoring, loyalty marketing, mobile access control and both readers and reader boards.

This document has been produced and sponsored by HID Global and has been approved by the NFC World+ editorial team.

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