Webinar — How to develop a mobile payments roadmap

Join NFC World and Gemalto to find out how issuers and processors can develop a mobile payments strategy that offers both a winning service for customers today and a long-term roadmap for the future.

This online event took place on Tuesday 22 September 2015. You can watch the webinar by pressing the “play webcast” button in the window below.

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What does this webinar cover?

With Apple Pay, Android Pay and Samsung Pay rolling out across the globe and HCE deployments gathering pace, both banks and payment processors need to act now to meet growing consumer demand for mobile payments.

But innovation in mobile payments technology is far from over, and technical decisions taken today can have a major impact on a bank’s ability to react to future developments.

Attend this webinar and you will learn:

  • The three core principles that can be used to define and develop a winning HCE and mobile payments strategy.
  • How to combine short term tactics with long term vision to develop a roadmap that serves both current and future customer needs.
  • Security options: Migration paths for moving from HCE to trusted execution environments (TEEs), secure elements and beyond.
  • Strategies for continuous innovation: How to build a mobile payments service that offers the flexibility to constantly innovate to meet customer needs as the market continues to evolve.
  • What’s coming next and the technical choices available.
  • The key points to consider when putting together a mobile payments strategy.

Our expert speakers have extensive experience working with banks and payment processors around the world to deploy mobile payments and mobile wallet services, and the webinar is moderated by Sarah Clark, editor of NFC World.

Who should attend?

Attending this webinar will benefit anyone involved with delivering a mobile payments service to consumers. Heads of mobile and strategy as well as technical staff, project managers and business executives in banks, payment processors, card issuers, merchants and the wider payments ecosystem will all benefit from taking part.

About our sponsor

Gemalto enables organizations to offer trusted and convenient digital services to billions of individuals. The company offers deep expertise and solutions around NFC and mobile transaction security, including multi-tenant SIMs and embedded secure elements, host card emulation (HCE), trusted execution environments (TEE) and tokenization, mobile payments, transport ticketing, the internet of things and identity.

Your speakers

Dominique Brulé, Gemalto

Gemalto's Dominique BruléDominique is head of marketing for Gemalto’s Mobile Financial Services business group and has an outstanding record in building the mobile payment ecosystem, working closely with financial institutions, mobile wallet providers and technology vendors.

He has worked on NFC since 2003 and on the delivery of trusted service management solutions since 2009, leveraging his extensive software and microelectronics engineering background.

Dominique looks after Gemalto’s mobile-based payment solutions — including HCE and tokenization, secure element and TSM-based services — as well as the company’s mobile money business.

He is based in Sophia Antipolis, France.

Naomi Lurie, Gemalto

Gemalto's Naomi LurieNaomi is an expert on the mobile payment use cases emerging around the world and is involved in some of the most ambitious and large-scale mobile commerce services in both developed and developing markets.

Based in the US, she has a record of driving product and market excellence across the mobile, financial, retail and enterprise sectors.

Naomi is based in Austin, Texas.

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