Webinar — Ask the Expert: HCE pioneer Doug Yeager

Join NFC World and SimplyTapp for a unique opportunity to hear host card emulation pioneer Doug Yeager answer readers’ questions on HCE, tokenization, Apple Pay, Android Pay and more.

This online event took place on Thursday 10 September 2015. You can watch the webinar by pressing the “play webcast” button in the window below.

What does this webinar cover?

The arrival of HCE has changed the mobile payments industry and cloud based solutions are rapidly maturing. But mobile payments technology continues to evolve and decisions taken today can have a major impact on the success of a mobile payments service tomorrow.

This free-to-attend webinar is your chance to get answers and guidance from the man who kick-started the cloud-based NFC payments era.

Doug wrote the first HCE patch for CyanogenMod Android phones in 2011 and went on to co-found SimplyTapp, a company focused on freeing card issuers to distribute cards or credentials into mobile devices for physical interaction.

SimplyTapp’s position at the heart of HCE development, working alongside Google and global financial institutions, means the company has special insights into the evolution and the future of the technology. Doug will take your questions on:

  • Technical issues, business considerations and the current and future status of the market
  • Deploying mobile payment solutions that meet both iOS and Android customer needs.
  • Integrating mobile payments with mobile banking and other mobile financial apps.
  • Tokenization: Do you need it? What are your options?
  • Creating the ideal user experience for mobile payments

Who should attend?

Attending this webinar will benefit anyone working on the implementation of cloud-based mobile payments. Technical staff, project managers, strategy and business executives in banks, card issuers, merchants and the wider payments ecosystem will all benefit from taking part.

About our sponsor

SimplyTapp is a card issuer solution provider for cloud based payments. The company uses an open architecture to enable card present payments inside mobile applications and works with card issuers, acquirers, and mobile application developers around the world.

Your speaker

Doug Yeager, SimplyTapp

SimplyTapp CEO Doug YeagerDoug Yeager is the CEO and co-founder of SimplyTapp.

A technical specialist with a deep understanding of both NFC and Android, Doug wrote the first implementation of HCE, for the CyanogenMod open source distribution of the operating system, in 2011.

The technology was adopted by Google in 2013 and integrated into the Android core from version 4.4, KitKat.

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